The portal launched in August 2023 resulted from a collaboration between Nepali migrant organisations (NNSM, Pourakhi, AMKAS, PNCC) and the digital education NGO, AuraEd Nepal facilitated by the ‘Digital technologies and migration’ work package (WP9) of the MIDEQ project (2019-2024) funded by the UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) (Grant Reference: ES/S007415/1). We also thank the National Innovation Centre (Nepal) for its support as well as many other local and international organisations for their encouragement and advice including the UNESCO office in Kathmandu and the Safer Migration Programme (SaMi).. Any further development of the portal is solely the responsibility of the portal’s Content and Technical Committees made up of the following members:


Content Committee Member List :-

Amira Subba (AMKAS Nepal)
Aviman Singh Lama (PNCC)
Sindhu Aryal (Pourakhi Nepal)
Sunil Neupane (Desh Paradesh)
Swarna Kumar Jha (NNSM)


Technical Committee Member List :-

Aayush Pradhananga (AuraEd Nepal)
Samrid Pandit (AuraEd Nepal)


Please note that while all the information provided here was correct at the time it was published, changes may happen without notice. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of any of the information presented here. We only provide links to relevant content available on external websites.Always check the latest information by visiting the original source of the information using the weblinks provided. Please let us know through the ‘Contact Us’ section if any of the weblinks are broken and/or if you think any of the information is outdated. Please also let us know if you would like us to include additional information that is relevant for migrants but is currently missing from this website.


Members of MIDEQ WP9 involved in supporting this were Prof G. “Hari” Harindranath, Prof Tim Unwin, and Dr. Maria Rosa Lorini.